Dirty Rider - Coney Island, NY

I have been invited to attend a photography workshop in Coney Island/NY as a senior photographer/mentor. I spent a week to create a portfolio about the communities in Coney Island where highest HIV in NY state. I worked with ex-convicts and HIV positive women.

Walley immigrated to NY at an early age from Puerto Rico then spent most of his life in jail since he was 15 years old. He is 43 y.o now. He spent his youth between Coney and Rikers Island but last year he decided to live in Staten Island to keep away from the troubled life style he had in Coney Island. He is determined not to go back to jail again so he is trying so hard not to get involved in crime. But more importantly he is giving the fight within himself. He truly wants be a good person not just to prove it to his parole officer but himself. I met him at this crossroad and he opened his heart to me. He's got a new gang called ''Dirty Riders''.

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