An innovative multimedia producer with a proven track record from concept to final delivery across a broad range of online and print platforms. Goal is to make an impact with my production skills, leading successful and ground-breaking projects, and broadening my horizons along the way.

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I've worked with Handan for over three years on a variety of projects. This has covered everything from photo research, video shoots and animation development. Her knowledge of the industry, preparation and attention to detail always ensure that project run smoothly and deliver the highest quality results. She has developed work flows for the new media components we've introduced and has been responsible for delivering the training and finding new development partners to help with these assets.

— William Fallon, Head of Design, Springer Nature


“Heroes videos are professional, vibrant, engaging and motivating.  The beautifully animated videos in level 1 and 2 feature the animal course characters which young children will love.  The end of unit videos in levels 1-6 feature interesting and appealing children who pupils will relate to.”

— Sheena Mitchell, Market and Product Researcher, Macmillan Iberia


“I couldn’t agree more with Sheena’s feedback and wanted to share it as I know how much work Handan put into producing these videos and how much she pushed for us to create something different, modern and engaging.”

— Emily Medina-Davis, Commissioning Editor, Springer Nature


“On the whole I found working with Handan on this shoot a great experience. I felt that Handan helped everything to run smoothly, gave a great creative contribution and also helped to ensure that editorial got what we wanted from the shoot. Handan was really organised and helped to facilitate communication between Macmillan, the production company and the actors. I really appreciated her creative eye and her suggestions for locations, camera angles, wardrobe etc – I felt that her input helped us to get a more visually interesting result than we could otherwise have got from a shoot with only 2 locations. She was always very aware of what we wanted and checked numerous things with us to ensure we were happy.”

Kate Turner, Commissioning Editor (Spain Secondary ELT)


“Thanks so much for your great production work for the commissioned photos for Dex 1 (in May) and Dex 2 (in August). I was really impressed with how you organised and facilitated the work to be done.”

— Helen King, Commissioning Editor, Macmillan Education


Over the last 10 years I have collaborated with or worked for Handan on several photo and video shoots. First as a makeup artist, but later also as a production assistant and model maker. Handan is a pleasure to work with. She is confident in her decisions and instructions, but also always open to suggestions and feedback. She is thorough in her preparation and planning and has great attention to detail. She has a good understanding of all elements that contribute to a successful production, which makes her a considerate team worker. Her diligent preparation also makes her flexible and able to always come up with a plan B when necessary 

— Veronika Damiani, Make-up Artist